Fractal silence

We all forget who we are

The/In cycles circle us all
In silence hope to recall
The tide comes in brings you home Om
Remeber/ing who you are
Like you’ve known it all along
open channels lett/ing/it go
You/were the one/s we’ve/you’ve waited for

The/Your soul is alive Your/the moments realized
Looking inside and honing the light
The silent reflection a deafening connection to life
shines outside
from with in you
comforting you
from the center
oneness enters

Inspiration lives patiently waiting in the space between
you and me connecting everything between us
let life express, karmic breath we receive in silence
breath deeply see bring meaning dream in the highest frequency

Medicate a lonely soul
let me know im not alone
freeing from the broken world
elevate my mind to know/love
its alright
close your eyes

open your eyes.


Creations/Creative Reflection

For/Ever since you left us
Planting us like seeds
Conceal/heal/ing time between us
Teaching us whats right from wrong

Every other being 
Lives and feeds and breeds
Every other being 
Seems to know where it belongs

Our intentions self obsessed
Cold inventions we project in
our attempts to contact you
And you never seem to answer

I wish to know your name 
When will you show your face
This is a lonely place
When will we know your grace

Feels like somethings missing 
evolutions key
something in between us we don’t see

Are we alone in this journey?
always confused and unknowing?
Are we/you Opposed to creation?
Afraid to behold your reflection?

She/the seer is holy/always/only reflecting
Everything inside the seed/it sees
evolution lies within its/her grace

Electric Shaman

I am one thousand reflections
I am one million worlds
I am the forest breathing
I am the rivers soul

All beings live within me, and I within them all
I’ve died one thousand deaths and Ill live one million more

As above so below you
as within so without you
You reach in I reach out to you
You breathe in I breath out to you
Whats unknown so is known to you
what I do so shall you do too
You fall one thousand steps and
You’ll rise one million more

Breath, in the ecstasy and
Exhale the suffering
be one with eternity and
embrace the infinity
Evolve to whats calling you
Longing for belonging to
Revolving absolving you
Dissolving the walls in truth

Black implies white
Self implies other
yours implies mine
wrong implies right

Yours becomes mine
Whats ours is each others
Our souls and cores align
We’re bound we are brothers

Open your eyes
become the light
open your eyes
become the light

Journey into the unknown
learning to be one
Journey through the void
listning to its voice.