Does it matter if everything is truly connected? What if everything is just matter but with self similar patterns? Would that still make it miraculous or mystical? Is the emergence of a pattern a divine gift? Or is everything electrically or metaphysically connected through spooky quantum action and zero point energy? 

Have you ever been listening to a song that just so happens to match up with what you were doing? Maybe eating spicy food and someone drives by playing the song “hurts so good”? What about waiting in line to check out holding groceries about to drop them all and the destiny child song “survivor” is playing? Randomly have a movie sync up to music like Pink Floyd and wizard of oz? What about completely mishearing lyrics or misinterpreting the meaning to a song but finding your own meaning anyway? That’s like Telekatron but with everybody all the time with all their ignorances , wisdom , perceived knowledge and synchonicities.

Where does art come from? Why are we allowed to see what we see and feel what we feel? Is it cosmic data inference? Are we connected to the future we are building? Is it there to call us forth? What are we expressing and why? How do we express it? Can art save lives? Can it communicate the otherwise incommunicable? How do we find common ground in the otherwise divisary? Just how far can we push the human experience of connection and understanding?
Telekatron is there to push the boundaries of human connection through perception understanding to find common ground in the human experience of the senses, memory, inspiration  and dissolve the delusion of human separation to save humanity and have some fun along the way.

Have you ever heard a song that reminded you of another song or saw a piece of art that made you feel something you forgot you could feel? Have you ever been so inspired to dance something you were feeling with someone else who was dancing the same tone, vibe rhythm, style, expression, experience? Did you look them in the eye and fall in love? Did you let go of who you thought you were so you could be at the whim of its creation?  Has there really ever been anything else driving our propose and leading us along? Yes? No? I wanna know, I want you to tell me.

I want you to show me. Feel with me. Is there an objective subjectivity that we have had the luxury to ignore or has time been building this case against us and our separation.

Let the music flow through you. The paint flow through your hands. The song flow through your voice, the dance move though your limbs let the message move through your body your expression your soul your in intention  your perspective your perception your dimension.